The Way This Wife Reacted To Finding Messages From Another Woman On A Husbands Phone Becomes A Meme

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We’ve all been the person in a social setting staring blankly because we didn’t get the inside joke, well, the latest viral meme “James Barrett’s wife” kind of feels like that – until you read the backstory.

It all started with a Facebook Messanger screengrab posted by Daniella Gay, in which she received an innocent enough question from a James Barret, “What are your plans this evening.” Well like most people do at 4 am on a Friday night she wrote back, “Draw vegetables.” But alas! Gay had been tricked and unintentionally caught the bait of Barrett’s jealous wife who wrote: ” “Hey. Just to let u know. Im james barretts wife. Fuck off.” She posted the bizarre exchange and from there, “Noticing it got a lot of traction, I made a bunch of memes about the scenario” she told the Daily Dot. Things took off from there and overnight she had 2,000 shares and thousands of likes on the memes.

But who is James Barrett? she vegetable artist explained that he was a random guy who had probably found her through a mutual friend. According to Gay, these unsolicited messages are quite common and she responds to many of them.

It’s clear this meme isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Gay even created a Facebook meme group called, “artisan vegetable enthusiasts,” where people can share more James Barrett’s wife memes and vegetables. Scroll down below to see some of the best memes people came up with! Don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Recently this message exchange went viral


























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