Meet The Comedian Behind The Uplifting Posts On Your Favorite Good News IG Account

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Tank’s Good News’ George Resch Is Bringing Happy Headlines To Your Instagram Feed

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Life Behind The Likes.

In a world where bad news seems to outweigh almost everything else, what I’m about to say next may be a little hard to believe: There is an Instagram account devoted to exclusively sharing good news. George Resch, aka Tank Sinatra, operates the account called Tank’s Good News that delivers positive stories from around the world. From heartfelt adoption stories to teacher appreciation posts, there’s no shortage of uplifting moments. So exhale, and get ready for happier headlines.

His page, Tank’s Good News, boasts more than 1 million followers as of publication, and it is solely operated by the longtime comedian. He started the page just a year and a half ago, which may sound like an overnight success story, but it’s actually taken years to get the account to where it is today.

Resch’s own personal story helped serve as a kind of inspiration for the account. He says that he struggled with sobriety more than a decade ago, before getting completely sober at 22. “I would be frustrated that I wasn’t positive, but I wasn’t looking for anything to be positive [about], so it was a vicious downward cycle where I was unhappy and I looked for things to justify my unhappiness,” Resch, 38, recalls. “When I got sober, I thought doing that would kill me. So, I felt like I needed to be positive to survive.”

I didn’t know if there was a market for good news, but I knew if I could make people feel good, they would come back.

The process first started with Resch creating funny memes on QuickMeme, an image captioning website, and sharing them on Reddit back in 2008 (before we even called them “memes”). But even then, Resch wasn’t necessarily uploading posts with the hope of going viral. He says he “just wanted to make people laugh.”

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