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30 People That Left The Funniest Reviews On Amazon (New Pics)

If you’re browsing the internet for laughs but the memes seem overused and the comics look like they’ve become a copy of each other, there’s still something that might do the trick. Amazon reviews. They’re honest, witty, and, best of all, self-aware. From an elderly man who just used a selfie-stick for the first time to a woman who can’t pull her new turtleneck over her head, you don’t have to be a writer for a late night talk show to pen something hilarious. All it takes is just a little bit of amazement or disappointment after you open your long-awaited delivery. Continue scrolling and check out some of the funniest Amazon reviews the site has to offer!

#1 Breeding M&M’s

According to NBC Los Angeles, however, Amazon users shouldn’t base their decision of whether to buy a particular product or not solely on its reviews. University of Southern California social media professor Karen North said that the sellers are tricking Amazon’s algorithm. “As sellers on Amazon, people know there are ways to game the system, where it looks like you have more positive ratings than you do,” she said.

#2 What A Pure Man

Prof. North also gave an example of one of their schemes: sellers post a product to sell, collect reviews, then swipe out the product for a new one while keeping the old reviews in place.

#3 Found On A 72 Pack Of Kazoos

North said sellers can do this over and over, duping buyers into thinking a product has more or better reviews than it really does. North says Amazon needs to crack down.

“They need to start thinking about whether or not people are figuring out how to game their system. And they need to figure out how to go in and clean that up,” she said.

#4 Happy You Pregnant!

I bet this guy could have used it too.

In a statement to the I-Team, Amazon admitted these things do happen: “These bad actors show a flagrant disregard for our community, and our policies … we work with sellers and law enforcement to hold them accountable by withholding funds and pursuing civil and criminal penalties.”

#5 3 Sky Airplane For Boys – Dangerous For Girls

#6 Beds Should Look Like Beds

#7 Fair Point

#8 A Review Of Those Incredibly Spicy Noodles

#9 5/5

#10 The Nightmare Fuel Of Amazon Reviews

#11 50 Ways To Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes

#12 No Complaints

#13 Toddler Rages Against The Machine

#14 Trimmers And Toilet Talk

#15 Review On A Roku Streaming Stick

#16 Keeps The Car Cool, But Has Issues

#17 Alex Jones Coloring Book Review

#18 5 Stars For Sending Them To The Hospital

#19 Senior Woman With Asthma Wall Decal

#20 Yodelling Pickle

#21 Was Looking For A Jump Rope

#22 That’s All I Wanted To Know

#23 Argumentatively Better Than An Apple Watch The Way This Guy Sells It

#24 True Love Still Exists

#25 Wife Leaves Husband For Printer

#26 $16,000 Speakers

#27 Crafting With Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts To Make With Your Cat

These ladies have probably read this.

#28 This 5-Star Verified Review Of Noise Canceling Headphones

#29 Ho Ho… Oh

#30 Bunch Of Reviews For These Fake Flower Petals That Apparently Have A Strong Odor. This One’s Pretty Good

#31 Cheese Wheel

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