30 Of The Funniest Fashion Fails (New Pics)

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Fashion design is a creative process that goes through several phases that take the vision in your head to a sketch on the page and eventually to clothing on the rack – well the following looks on the list below will make you say “these designers should have kept their thoughts to themselves.”

Not every painting is the Mona Lisa and not every clothing design is haute couture. Bored Panda has collected a list of funny fashion fails, that not only made it through the production process but into actual stores and on people’s bodies. From unfortunately placed text sending mixed messages, to ugly patterns that look like bruises, these fashion disasters are the opposite of fabulous. Scroll down to check out these clothing mishaps and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Born To Do Skate

The masses have followed fashion trends of others since the invention of clothing, however, the first ever fashion magazine was published in Germany in 1586 called –  Gynaeceum, sive Theatrum Mulierum (translation – The Gynasceum or Theatre of Women). It was written in Latin and displayed the most popular fashions throughout Europe at the time.

#2 Hood On vs. Hood Off

#3 So If You Didn’t See The Front…?

So what was the first fashion item that people were clamoring to get their hands on? – the loincloth. It is the oldest form of clothing, followed by the skirt. Loincloths are still worn in some parts of the world today and have even inspired other forms of fashion. For example in Japan it became an underwear design trend.

#4 This Lovely Dress…

#5 It’s Not What You Think

Shopping malls have become a staple to many suburban communities in the U.S but the “father” of the american shopping mall was actually and Austrian. Architect Victor Gruen created the shopping centers with the intent of making them an odd to the European-style town center, but in the suburbs. As we know now they morphed into what the designer called “b*sterd developments.” The very first shopping center in all of history, however, was built by the Romans.

#6 This Lady’s Dress While Interviewing South Africa’s President

#7 These Shoes With Suction Cups On The Bottom That Pop When I Walk On Smooth Surfaces

In the words of Billy Idol “It’s a nice day for a white wedding” but before 1840 this song would have made no sense whatsoever. Before Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg, brides wore wedding dresses in an array of colors, which black being particularly popular in Scandinavia. White had been seen as a color used for mourning, and in Chinese culture it still is today.

#8 No Wonder Why These Are On Sale

#9 For Those Empowered Girls With 11 Fingers

When you think about cardigans you probably picture your sweet grandma reading cozied up on the couch. Well cardigans actually have a pretty fierce history. James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan and a lieutenant general in the British army invented the comfy clothing item as a military jacket. In 1854, the 57-year-old lieutenant led the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. He survived the battle unharmed, as he never made it across enemy lines, but kept the lie concealed and was dubbed a hero by Queen Victoria at Windsor. Suddenly the cardigan was a hot commodity. Makes your grandma look like more of a rebel now huh?

#10 A Real Housewives Dress “Design”

#11 Buy Me A What Now?

Haute couture is high-end fashion that is constructed solely by hand from beginning to end. Only the most highly- qualified dressmakers are allowed to be dubbed haute couture designers and members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. However before 1850 hand-stitched clothing was a necessity rather than a luxury among poor people.

#12 Yeah Definitely Wouldn’t Wear That

#13 The Backside Of This Donut Costume…

The most common materials for manufacturing clothing include polyester, linen and cotton.China is one of the largest producers of cotton and bring in over 90 million yards of the material to the fashion industry a year. 200 pairs of jeans can be made from just one bale of cotton, no surprise they are such a common commodity! The Indians are credited with being the first people to spin the material, and the Romans would export it from them.

#14 These Tights That Make You Look Like You Have The Worst Bruise Situation Ever

#15 If Only There Was A Letter That Resembles The Eiffel Tower

NASA may be the scientific minds behind putting men on the moon, but they weren’t they ones responsible for suiting them up. That’s right, bra manufacturer Playtex made the spacesuits Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wore on their epic trip to outer space. The outfits were constructed from beta cloth, rubber, nylon, plastic connectors, aluminum neck ring, aluminum wrist locking rings, aluminum zipper and brass with neoprene gasket. Playtex’s involvement sparked the futuristic fashions of the 1960s.

#16 The Placement Of These Rather Saggy Bunny Ears…

#17 Hmmm The Shirts Are Supporting The Idea That The Name Is Flawed

Today women squeeze themselves into all kinds of uncomfortable shapewear just to give the illusion that they have no unwanted bulge. We can all agree that spanx are a much more comfortable alternative to the corsets popularized in the 18th century, but what about the opposite of a corset? In the 1600s pregnancy was considered a fashionable look. Women would place cushions underneath their clothes to give themselves that baby bump look. The first maternity dress recorded in history is from the Baroque period (1600- 1750) called the Adrienne dress.

#18 Children’s Shirt In A Candy Shop…

#19 Balenciagas New $5300 Dress

#20 At Least You Can Be Honest…

#21 This Saturday Sweater

#22 Think I’ll Skip That Adventure

#23 This Is An Official Nintendo Product. You Know, For Kids

#24 Not Sure If They Know What An Introvert Is

#25 The Crotch On These Pants

#26 New York?

#27 10/10 Design

#28 My Friend’s Wrestling Patch Looks Like Something Else

#29 Very Well Positioned Mandala On Trousers

#30 Putting Your Brown Logo On White Shoes

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